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My name is Rico and I’ve managed public relations for an array of high-profile organisations, brands and start-ups. The many years of experience and expertise I gained – crosses industries, countries and markets.

Also, I am a publicist, and have proactively guided the day-to-day flow of promotional stories out to the media. I’ve worked on projects that have involved some of the biggest Hollywood stars and entertainment industry stakeholders.

Also, I’m a freelance journalist and remember a time before the term ‘online’ was ever used and learned the craft of journalism and storytelling the old-fashioned way. Today, I have embraced how technology allows me to do my job across all physical boundaries.

People have always fascinated me, and my career has blessed me with an opportunity to meet some wonderful characters. I am always in awe when I hear about personal endeavours and achievements. Thankfully, some people I meet allow me the opportunity to tell their own unique stories.

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